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How Noxshop was founded

NoxShop Is the biggest and cheapest shop on 2b2t, with the best stock and customer services in 2b2t.
But how was NoxShop founded?

In 2022 one of our old admins named “Hex” created a group called Luminaria, This group was based of building bases and having fun.
Luminaria started gaining members very quickly. 3 prominent members were Qsp, Fishy38 and Senakot.
Qsp joined Luminaria first. He had a good relationship with Hex, and they both started leading the group.
Shortly after Qsp joined, Fishy38 and Senakot joined Luminaria, starting as members, but slowly climbed up to the high ranks.
Hex, Qsp, Fishy38 and Senakot lead the group and gained a lot of members. The group was very popular, with people constantly joining Luminaria.

After some time leading the group, the idea of running a shop was proposed by one of the admins, Larry. Shortly after, Luminaria decided to open a 2b2t shop named NoxShop.
NoxShop was initially running on a very small stash. But slowly and slowly, they gained more and more items for their shop.

2b2t Kit Stash

Since that first stash, Noxshop have moved through more than 20k dubs, becoming one of the best running shops on 2b2t.
Noxshop was publicly announced for the first time in Luminaria on the 14th of February, 2022. This date will always be a special memory for Noxshop, our first step on this big journey.
NoxShop is still going strong today. You can join the discord or check out our shop for more information!

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